Marijuana Delivery Service

Marijuana delivery can mean many different things. We will use the term whenever we are discussing getting medical marijuana to a patient in a streamlined compassionate way. This means that we are delivering medication to a medical marijuana patient. It could also mean the method the medication is introduced into the patients system, whether that be smoked, vaporized or eaten in cannabis baked goods or candy. However here we are talking about the entrepreneur that decides to start a medical marijuana delivery service that is a mobile service that delivers medical marijuana to the patient instead of the patient coming to a storefront to receive their medicine.


For someone interested in developing a medical marijuana business, a mobile medical marijuana delivery service is a relatively easy way to get into the industry. There is always a need for medicine delivery when you are talking about patients that are sick. So the need for a marijuana delivery service is absolutely there. That does not mean there are no potential roadblocks for someone starting this type of medical marijuana business.


Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Pros


  • Cheaper then a collective, dispensary or co op
  • Caters to the needs of patients that may not be able to travel
  • Less overhead and start up costs mean much more of a streamlined medical marijuana business
  • Freedom to take orders by phone or website.
  • Freedom to use peddle power and stay green while delivering marijuana.


Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Cons


  • Marijuana delivery services legalities are not always cut and dry
  • Environmental friendly vehicles are needed to stay green and reduce costs.
  • Avoiding any traffic confrontations with police is a high priority.
  • Delivery drivers are always at risk for possible thiefs targeting a marijuana delivery service.

Next we will explore the idea of starting a cannabis club.